Monday, May 16, 2011


One day, I'll actually post blogs regularly. I'm going to be really organized too, I'll have this planner, and whenever people ask me if I'm free I'll flick it out with an air of 'Oh, just flippin' out ma planner. NO BIGGIE.' I'll schedule people into my life and I'll feel really important and poised and classy everything. It'll be great. Unfortuantly, I am none of those things, especially the latter. I find this jelly slice I made today particularly illustrative of myself:

Unashamedly indulgent, imperfect and gelatinous (?).

The big smoke hasn't killed me yet, but it just might soon. I have learnt some valuable lessons in my short time as a city slicker:

- Quite frequently, a strange man may sniff your hair or point at you continuously. Others may not appear to be as alarmed at you, so do not make a scene or you will be the strange one.

- The veggie burgers might be free, but this does not mean you should eat several.

- Poutine* is the world's greatest creation and my life was clearly a lie prior to not knowing about it.

- Jeggins are an endangered species.

- Sometimes it will take you far less time walking to your destination than catching a tram.

- Never, EVER engage someone from the 'Socialist Alliance' into conversation.

Valuable information right there. My essay is dying, so I must go tend to it. I murdered it with the first 17 episodes of Glee Season 2. I figure if they've already been shown on TV, I've saved all this time not watching them so therefore I can spend those saved hours now!

OH AND ANGRY BOYS.....<3, enough said. Chris Lilley, come to me!

*Poutine is hot chips, covered in melted cheese and then topped with gravy. I'll upload a picture next time I consume some. A must try for chips and gravy lovers, I guarantee you will not be let down!