Tuesday, August 24, 2010

andrew hanson is my lover.

This week, i have more than i probably have ever had in my life to get done. Psychology I.P, Sociology I.P AND an English Writing major writing project must all be completed or at least shamefully drafted before the holidays. A side note: 'holidays' is a phrase which here means 'designated two weeks of school at home'. Anyway. AHHHHEEEEP >:(. Writing is getting me more than anything. Usually, the pieces I love are written in one sitting, they flow, they are perfectly imperfect. My major project is, to be frank, a sodding piece of shit. I actually have to sit down and MAKE myself write - something that ends in to much telling and not enough showing, far to many calories and not enough punctuation. Bloody hell. Clearly I've got my schedule worked out - I've spent the night eating Burger Got Soul (somewhat comparable to the best orgasm you've ever experienced), wandering around K-Mart and buying strawberry Up & Go's. Currently I'm settled in bed, watching the Chaser and eating Cadbury Roses. In this instance, I am using the insightful philosophy that seems to ooze out of every Australian: 'she'll be right!'. Because really, she will be right. Whoever she is.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

calling it quits.

Dear Life,

Thankyou for nothing the opportunities you have given me and the time you have taken to show me your a massive bitch teach me to keep going no matter what. Regrettably, due to a descent into near insanity unforseen circumstances I must inform you I resign.

Eat a dick Kind Regards,

Molly Lovatt.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

moving up and holding on.

This week, I have to officially narrow my choices for what I want to do with the rest of my life from 389423984823489 options to a preference list of about ten. This is terrifying. It hasn't really sunk in that next year, I won't be returning to 'school', per say. Classroom settings, loud mouthed girls who don't appear to be enrolled in any classes, quirky teachers, crappy libraries and impossible photo copiers will be a thing of the past. Instead, I shall welcome scary professors, large rooms filled with blank faces, sophisticated libraries and photo copiers with ten times the impossibility. Or, a year of grocery scanning loveliness. Either way, I'm moving up, moving on and hopefully, in 2012, moving out - to the big smoke! Melbourne, that is. Keeeeeen. Somehow, not scared. Probably because I am still in disbelief that my school life is actually coming to an end - and my actual life is about to begin.

ps. Mid year exams were death and should be outlawed...three months before end of years, come on. Just sayin'.