Saturday, November 27, 2010

well, that was nice.

casually finished thirteen years of schooling two days ago. a good night of celebrating definately ensued, including ping pong, icecream-in-toasters, pointless wandering through youngtown and a ceremonial burning of the tqa examination guide.

and now...errrr well. i've got a job for the summer. and i need one for next year. which worries me somewhat. but i refuse - UTTERLY REFUSE - to enroll at UTAS. it's not happening, i won't happen, IT AIN'T EVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut for now, i'm trying not to stress to much. my whole life so far has been spent in school - i'm in no rush to jump in again. even if i end up there in another year, two years - i'll get there. my short term plans, for the summer, include:

- The purchasing of a Nintendo 64. This will hopefully be done today!


- SUCEEDING at vegetarianism.

- Getting accepted at University of Melbourne, and deferring.

- Become fitter. Enjoy outdoors. Haaaa.

- Teach myself guitar. Poor little fella has been sitting in my room since BC times.

- Find another hobby. POTTERY?

- Work on this whole learning to drive business.

today i think i'll clean my room and dig up my old books, VHS tapes and gameboy colour. perhaps with several handfuls of allens party mix.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

chewy chewy choc chip cookies.

those events you forgot ever occured..until you find the photographs hidden on your computer:

obviously what everyone needs is an italian cooking fest with their bestie.

i never really embraced the saying 'all good things come to an end' (errr, has icecream ended?). it's so...cynicil. nah, don't be happy, you'll just be sad sooner or later! or like, 'look, i have a new cat, Mabs!'...'ehh, i'd rather not, it's going to die anyway'. sucks when said Mabs actually proceeded to die the same day upon exiting the car ride home from the RSPCA. anyway...

good things ARE coming to an end. school's over - and only two exams are in between this chapter of my life and the next. OH GOD OH GOD :( . i've chosen to do a gap year. fortuantly i was incredibly clever and quit my steady supermarket job and got a christmas job at sanity - who MAY keep me on next year. i absolutely love it there so far - the singing customers, the gorgeous 'sanity's little helper' shirts and the movie trivia included. i'll probably have to get off my arse and get a second job even if they do keep me on - 30 hours a week for 18 months, says the government, until i qualify for youth allowance. hence why i am currently kicking myself in the teeth - i am the most unorganised procrastinator on god's green earth...WHY HAVE I LEFT IT SO LATE. someone come and castrate me (?).

anyway. perhaps a year of unorganisation, failure and general boredom will help me figure out what i want. perhaps i'll be so sick of myself and my life i'll have an ephiphany and BAM, it'll be planned out for me already. maybe i'll just get my RSA and work in london, live in a dirty apartment with a cat named grotto.

on another note, instead of studying today, i made cookies:

aaaand had an amazing chickpea & lentil burger (day 3 of second attempt at vegetarianism) from burger got soul followed by coffee gelato with a cute boy. tomorrow morgan is coming over for a psych study day, but i feel we will just get distracted, what with there being a jelly/caramel/vanilla slice filled bakery down the road and all.