Monday, March 14, 2011

jus makin' a post bout hawt boiiz

I think I somehow bypassed the whole 'oh my god i like boys i need to wallpaper my room with Ashton Kutcher to prove it' stage. In saying this, among the beautiful years of mid-teen angst I did have a huge poster of Freddy Mercury adorning/covering my wall....Freud's probably spewing, most likely I've messed up this huge step in sexual development by favoring a queer (but brilliant) performer over a pouty i-never-wear-shirts-because-its-to-hot-oh-shit-thats-just-me hetrosexual male bimbo. I've never had a celebrity crush (just Julia Stone, even though I'm straight, I am gay for her, I really am). I don't read trashy magazines and Robert Patterson can just get out of my life. I've also never made 'a list'. You know, like in primary school, girls would make 'who's hot, who's not' lists. So, I thought I'd gain an approving nod from the ghost of Dr. Freud and do just this. I'm making a list. Don't judge me, either, I'm new to this!


1. Dave Hosking - You define the first part of your bands title. You are a boy. And a damn cute one.

2. Colin Firth - WHAT OF IT. He's totally a character from Jane Austen in real life and no body can convince me otherwise.

3. That guy who plays 'Mr Coolson/Sam' from Never Been Kissed - Awkward, funny, likes Shakespeare. Best date advert if I ever saw one.

4. That guy that wears suit jacket and lace up shoes and Uni that Alex and I see everywhere and admire - PLEASE NEVER STOP BEING YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING. I LOVE YOU (?)

5. Tom Yorke - No man, YOU'RE so f*cking special. I wish I was special.

6. The movie 'Chocolat' - Yeah well, it counts. It's a very sexually attractive movie, alright!

7. Josh Thomas - Please, just learn to sit still on your seat. I get tired watching you on TBYG. Actually don't, it's terribly adorable and I'd like to marry you. Pity you want the same of your boyfriend...

8. - I just had to add an extra number for Julia Stone - she's neither a man, number eight or just a sexual attraction. She's number one and it's definately love.


  1. I like your list.

    I'm trying to see if I like this Josh Thomas guy. This is the first I heard of him.

    I saw the beginning of Chocolat, but never saw the rest. I need to watch it someday. I liked the beginning, at least.

    Did you see The King's Speech? You'd probably like it for the whole Colin Firth thing, and maybe for other reasons.

  2. So this list is a bit disconcerting and not for reasons you may think!
    I too would add Colin Firth to my hawt list, along with Mr Coolson and yes, if I were younger, prettier and probably taller I would totally turn for Julia Stone!
    Haahaaa...oh dear,
    love Mum