Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes, you just need to stop being human. Humans are afraid of everything they don't know about, their unsure about. Last week I decided not to be human. Recieving my offer for University of Melbourne, I made a slightly psychotic decision to move interstate mid Feb, somehow convinced it was possible. I don't know if it's possible. But it's happening, it's something, and it's exciting.

It's exciting moving. I feel so big. Finally requested my OWN medicare card and bought my OWN very sophisticated filing system. It was a poignant, momentous moment for me. No more section labelled 'Molly' in Mum's ancient family airloom; The File. On an equally significant note, (I take homewares VERY seriously), Sam and I went plate-bowl-cup-cutlery shopping yesterday. Square white plates make EVERYTHING look tasty, so I figure if we're stuck eating baked beans for a week, it'll all be okay, so of course we bought a huge dinnerware set with about eight of them. I've included some comparative pictures of plates for you to get the idea. I'm pretty passionate. We also got some amazing, gross 70's style coloured loose dinnerware for $2 each at Harris Scarf....very. successful. day.




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